Ways to spread a little more joy

Ways to spread a little joy

Spreading a Little More Joy

Spreading joy helps to bring you joy. Joy is infectious. Here at A Little More Joy we want to spread joy as often and as far as we possibly can so we have come up with a list of ways you can help us to spread a little more joy:

  • Random acts of kindness - doing something nice can help to improve your happiness as well as spreading a little joy. 
  • Pay someone a compliment - such a simple gesture can help to make someone's day and make someone smile. 
  • Do something nice for yourself - looking after yourself is so important and doing something nice for yourself can help you feel happier. It could be as simple as going for a walk in the sunshine, eating an ice cream on the beach, taking some time to yourself or having a pamper day.
  • Donate items - donating items you no longer need to a charity or donating food to a local foodbank can help to support your local community. It will make you feel good for doing something for someone else and will also help to make someone's day.
  • Support a small business - small businesses appreciate every small bit of support they get. It could be as simple as liking a post on social media, leaving a positive review or purchasing a product but your small support goes a long way.
  • Support a charity - donating items, donating food, giving money or supporting a charity event helps to support a good cause but also helps to make you feel good. 

 Here's a selection of some of our favourite products that can help to spread a little joy:

  • Smile box - a gorgeous collection of happy products designed to make someone smile. Includes uplifting happy tea, 'A little something to make you smile' milk chocolate bar, sunflowers A6 notebook, anti-bacterial hand cream and lemon sorbet lip balm. 
  • Bee box - bees spread joy and so this bee themed box is the ideal gift. Includes Bare Kind bee bamboo socks, bath melts, beeswax lip balm and 'Bee Happy' milk chocolate with crunchy caramel. 
  • Bee Friendly Wildflower Seeds and Butterfly Friendly Wildflower Seeds - flowers, bees and butterflies are always going to bring a little joy.
  • Perfect Pamper Box - the perfect way to pamper yourself and take some time to relax. 

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